Hmmm… Nothing really interesting here at all so here are the favorite parts of my life. I’m married to my best friend and mother to two of the most stubborn, willful, spirited, loving and creative children I have ever met. We work hard,play hard and enjoy engaging in the occasional whinging now and then.

The name?

I chose the name “Late Rooster” from a conversation I had with my mother years ago. I come from an Asian family and well, old school Asian families love their zodiac symbols. We were talking about her grandchildren and how some will have an auspicious life because of the time of day that they were born. I forget which kid is was but it was something like, “Well, it’s always good for a (Horse? Ox?) to be born in the early morning because that means they will work hard.” My reply was, “I was born in the morning too!”

… Stern Eyebrows appear!
“A Rooster born at 10 am is not early.”
“It’s still the morning!”
“What farmer would want a late rooster who couldn’t wake them up to start the day???”
“What farmer?”
….  My kind of farmer!  Early mornings are overrated.

Anyway, this is is the basic theme of my life. I’m a late bloomer in nearly everything I do but I wouldn’t want it any other way. So, in predictable form, I’m late to the blogging game and sometimes late to the party.

Thanks for joining me.   🙂




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