North American Bowtruckle Society

It has been a little while and wow things got busy. School, work, and trying to prep for this massive Harry Potter night…

Well, let’s get to it!

This is something I worked on a few months ago but put on hold. The (fanfiction) story is that Bowtruckles have made it from their native U.K. to North America. The looming question is- was it Newt’s fault? How did they get here? Either way, they need good homes to go to.

Bowtruckle from

I’m not very good at making exact replicas of anything and I tried my hardest to capture the magic of the Bowtruckle. It quickly turned into a “KILL ME NOW” kind of situation.

See for yourself.

The sad bowtruckle

So, to spare everyone, I decided to go with what I thought was cute. My eldest asked me to make our family into bowtruckles so that’s what you’ll see next.

I made these using FiMO soft clay in various greens, yellows and browns. I ended up baking them at 225 for maybe 10-15 minutes? I forget… It was according to the directions but I couldn’t get my little toaster oven to get to 230 so 225 it was. These have a pretty nice velvety finish and as they were dropped a few times, are also rather sturdy.

If you’re wondering, I’m the fabulous one with a flower on my head. Yea, girl. 

The embellishments come from fake flower bunches purchased from Michael’s and glued on with hot glue. I tried the fancier glue but the flowers were not sticking. (I should also mention that the glue they sell to attach stuff to clay sculptures smells terribly.) This does mean that if they are handled a little rougher than normal, the flowers will fall off BUT that just means you can give them a little more oomph the next time around. Michael’s also has some ridiculously cute miniature things like hot sauce, newspapers and apples! For the backing, I used garden wire since it seemed to be the most economical but man does it hurt the fingers to twist it into shape.

Bowtruckle and Apple

Back to the bowtruckle event itself…

It was/is on hold for a while due to some school fundraising guidelines but if it does go forward, it’ll go like this.  A student group (or two or three) will create these guys and they will be displayed on trees with the intent of splashing some magic onto Holiday or Christmas trees. If they go for at least $2 a piece, they should make a modest profit. Those profits are going towards the maintenance of a greenhouse for an outside classroom experience.

Picture it.

Kid walks past the display of whimsical bowtruckles.

Kid: “Mom? Dad? May I have that one please?”

Parents eye the sign that reads, “To support an outside classroom space and/or greenhouse, please consider adopting a bowtruckle for $5.”

Parents: “Sure!”

They tell the volunteers which one they want. The volunteer hands them their bowtruckle and next the kid gets this… 


Arthur J. Boomkweker- I made him up. Boomkweker is dutch for gardener and Arthur just sounds like it fits with Boomkweker.

I have no idea how the fundraising side will go, but for now,  the 20 I have made will at the very least decorate the halls in all of their whimsical glory.

It’s not the most time efficient thing but I certainly enjoyed it. Pop on a show and get to sculpting. A newb like me was able to crank out about 5-8 an hour. If you want to do this, feel free to use the certificate. It’s not a very large resolution but will print very nicely on a 4x6in card or photo.


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