Walk like an Erumpent!

At the event, we need to have a lot of mini activities that do not require any volunteers. One that I came up with brings me back to 80s pop.




Walk like an…. E-RUM-PENT!

I’ve created a series of pictures from screenshots of the film and slightly shopped them to pop! For the title picture, I found this great site of what I assume is this artist’s portfolio.


I’m also not sure how to contact someone on Tumblr. This might be where the generational divide is starting to show as I keep getting an “exceeds” error. Clearly a PICNIC situation but anyway….Visit this site. Her work is delightful!
I used her Erumpet illustration for the center of the picture above.


And here come the steps….

I’m not sure if the participants efforts will look like this…

… but it will sure be fun to try!


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